“Mout mek fi talk,
Story jump out”. -Jamaican Proverb

Sandra is a chatterbox

Sandra loves telling stories

Sandra Seh

“Mout Mek Fi Talk, Story Jump out”…is a Jamaican saying that lets us know we all have stories and they need to be shared. This fits Sandra to a T…she revels in the art of sharing a good story and from the time she learned how to talk, her mother says she has never “stopped talking”.

In Jamaican parlance she is a “chatterbox” but Sandra has found that when she tells people she is a storyteller, immediately stories begin to flow and being open to listening to the stories of others has helped her to hone her skills and reveal the vibrant stories that are at the heart of every person of every culture.

Sandra loves talking to people-all kinds of people; people she meets in elevators, in supermarkets, in taxis, at social events, when she is emceeing, teaching or working with a team planning a great event.

Sandra loves to listen and she loves to share stories. And so, this adventure of Sandra Seh! has been on her bucket list for a while and the clock is ticking and the time is now.

Her thoughts, her take on things-small and large.
So, enjoy

“You were phenomenal, inspirational, encouraging, informative and engaging. You touched on the core of our issues and provided road maps to solutions. Tell us again. Keep telling us until we get up, stand up, speak up, move up and never slow up.”

~ Charmaine S…Government of Ontario

Sandra Whiting, Dynamic Speaker

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