Storytellers rule the world 



IDEAL FOR: Corporate, Non-profits; Schools; Libraries, Universities & Volunteer Groups.

“Once upon a time a long time ago there was……

Don’t you want to know more?”

 . . . Yes, yes. Tell me more. .Yes, yes . . . is that true? Yes, yes, tell me more…

When Sandra Whiting tells a story, her audiences usually can never get enough; partly because she shares herself and the experience is an interactive one.

But Sandra’s stories are not just for scaring children or transporting them into fantasies beyond their dreams. Her stories are for adults as well. We are never too old to hear a story; never too old to share ourselves or to be transported to magical places. For sometimes, these magical journeys help us to make sense of our own world and in sharing ourselves with others we make them better people.

As a charismatic storyteller, Sandra has told her tales on radio and television, spoken at hundreds of schools to thousands of children, in churches, in libraries, at festivals and at special cultural events. Her stories are filled with the vibrancy of African and Caribbean folklore; they are colored by the magical experiences of growing up in the Caribbean, and they are enriched by the joy of her life in Canada.

And she is ready to share them with you.


Sandra Whiting Storyteller


Sandra Whiting at Richmond Hill Public Library

 Sandra lives her life by ONE simple  rule:

“Expect the Best; Expect Everything”.


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