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IDEAL FOR: Corporate, Non-profits & Volunteer Groups.

As a Public Speaker and storyteller I reach my audiences by drawing on my positive life experiences and the art of storytelling. My career has revolved around building and bringing positive changes to people’s lives through the telling of stories.  

People love stories and I have found that by breaking down complex issues into enjoyable narratives, I am able to get my audience to understand difficult and even boring material much easier because they enjoy the discourse and the positive interaction that good story telling provides.

I want to create a yes-we-can-do attitude in the workplace. I want people to believe in the power within themselves.  My speeches motivate and train. My team-inspiring Yes We All Can & the Introduction to The Art of Story Telling for Corporations have empowered audiences over the years and continue to be two of my most sought after speeches.

I have been telling stories for years, to major corporations, social organizations, clubs and schools throughout Canada and overseas. My clients have included; The Toronto Stock Exchange, Aga Khan Museum, Harbor Front Toronto, The Jamaica Canadian Association, Factory Theatre, Mariposa in the Schools and the Empire Club of Canada.

It is fascinating to experience the power of storytelling as it brings changes to the way we work and interact with each other. Whether in the classroom or the boardroom my stories motivate and create a warm and relaxed environment where individuals and teams can get tasks done.

Today, our lives are being constantly reshaped by technology and the options it provides for us to interact with each other. As our society continues to evolve it becomes more challenging to create truly sociable and friendly spaces. And there is the danger of a disconnection in the efficient delivery of information.  Good storytelling bridges these gaps and brings a human face to information.

I observe and interpret interesting trends, and provide feedback that will help organizations and individuals develop a positive view of the future.

And I use stories to do so.

Join me and Let’s Talk.

Attendees will:

  1. Manage & Move past conflict to collaboration for a common purpose
  2. Distinguish that “different” does not mean difficult and how to recognize good intentions to successfully work together
  3. Recognize and build on the hidden strengths and talents of people from diverse cultures and people of all ages
  4. Celebrate the “we” in awesome teamwork


Sandra’s name is recognized widely for her invaluable contributions to Arts and Culture in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

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