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As a Public Speaker and storyteller I reach my audiences by drawing on my positive life experiences and the art of storytelling. My career has revolved around building and bringing positive changes to people’s lives through the telling of stories.

People love stories and I have found that by breaking down complex issues into enjoyable narratives, I am able to get my audience to understand difficult and even boring material much easier because they enjoy the discourse and the positive interaction that good story telling provides.



IDEAL FOR: Corporate, Non-profits; Schools; Libraries, Universities & Volunteer Groups.

“Once upon a time a long time ago there was……
Don’t you want to know more?”
. . . Yes, yes. Tell me more. .Yes, yes . . . is that true? Yes, yes, tell me more . . .

When Sandra Whiting tells a story, her audiences usually can never get enough; partly because she shares herself and the experience is an interactive one.



Need an emcee – Look no further than Sandra Whiting.

Sandra Whiting has the poise, the stage presence, the grace, the personality and the flexibility that suits every hosting need. She thinks quickly on her feet, she is unflappable under pressure, she keeps as many balls in the air as are thrown at her and handles the unexpected with calm and confidence.


Story Performance

“Once upon a time a long time ago there was……”

Don’t You want to know more?

“Tell me a story” or “Is that true” is a common refrain especially from young audiences when I tell them I am a storyteller. But stories…. more


About Sandra Whiting


“Mout Mek Fi Talk, Story Jump out”…is a Jamaican saying that lets us know we all have stories and they need to be shared.  This fits Sandra to a T…she revels in the art of sharing a good story and from the time she learned how to talk, her mother says she has never “stopped talking”.

In Jamaican parlance she is a “chatterbox” but Sandra has found that when she tells people she is a storyteller, immediately stories begin to flow and being open to listening to the stories of others has helped her to hone her skills and reveal the vibrant stories that are at the heart of every person of every culture.

Stories of challenge, of adversity, of fear, of courage and confidence and of humour.

Stories of AND because it’s never Either Or but AND as we all have valid and valuable experiences to bring to the conversation.

“My story is one that says we all have value and something to share.  Let’s Talk!!”


Speaking @

May 25, 2019

The Nuts & Bolts of Event Planning
The BBPA 180 Elm Street


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