In Sandra Seh!

He was a little guy.  Maybe 3 ½ or 4.years of age. He was tall for his age and he did not want to be there.

His grandmother had brought him to the library this fine fall evening along with his older brother & sister.  I know this because I asked everyone present to introduce himself or herself and he was having none of it. Arms crossed. Face like a thundercloud. He was not happy. He was not telling his name.

I was going to be sharing stories and I told everyone we would be finished at 8pm sharp. Almost as if I wanted him particularly,to know there was a set time for this torture, this enforced listening and he would soon be free.

Well the hour flew by, people laughed, I asked questions, they answered but my young man had his same stony face.

I was baffled.  This had never happened to me before. Surely one story would get to him.

I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 4 minutes before the hour. Too late to start another story so I wrapped it up and thanked everyone for coming and suddenly I heard this booming voice…4 more minutes!! You have 4 more minutes. That is what you promised!

It was my young listener who had suddenly found his voice and he was not happy. He was near to tears because he wanted another story.

We never know when someone hears us. We never really know if the message will be received so always remember to speak words of joy, of hope of encouragement, of magic to children and to adults too because stories are magical.

Now anytime I look out at an audience and I see a stony face or arms crossed I cross my fingers in the hope that he or she will demand – 4 more minutes!


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