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Sandra Whiting Speaks

Inspire Your Team  Yes we all can

A 45 minute speech on motivating teams
With over 20 years experience working with volunteers. I’ve learned how to motivate teams. Let me show you how.

Attendees will:

  1. Manage & Move past conflict to collaboration for a common purpose
  2. Distinguish that “different” does not mean difficult and how to recognize good intentions to successfully work together
  3. Recognize and build on the hidden strengths and talents of people from diverse cultures and people of all ages
  4. Celebrate the “we” in awesome teamwork

Storytellers Rule the World

A 45 Minute speech on how to use storytelling in your world.
Let Sandra Whiting introduce you to the Art of Storytelling. Sandra will share with audiences how to use storytelling in corporate presentations, to better enhance your public speaking skills and to powerfully tell your own story.

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