Mout mek fi talk; story jump out!

 In Sandra Seh!

I have been telling stories from the time I learned how to talk. In fact my mother said once I got started “ I was a chatterbox and never stopped talking.”

This often got me in trouble as being seen and not heard was not a motto I subscribed to and so turn the tap and away I would go.

I loved to share my “stories” with whoever would listen. So much so that on a Monday morning at school my classmates would gather round to hear my “stories”…what we did on the week-end, who visited, where we went, who did what–you get the picture and I was not always popular at home as it was felt that I liked to “share” too much. It’s a habit I still continue as stories are what make us tick; what helps us to know each other and whether it’s personal stories or stories of magic or mayhem there is something special about delving into a good story or being told a good tale.

Stories allow us to learn our family history and our family secrets and if we really listen we can be inspired and challenged and we grow.

In fact I will share that when my sister was getting married I was not told she even had met someone until the date was set and they had met a year earlier on a flight from Jamaica and…!!!

One of my favorite stories I share was one where I was asked to host (M.C.) an event for a church that was doing their very first fundraiser and I was called one Wednesday afternoon and a very cheery voice asked f they were speaking to Sandra.

I answered…yes this is she and the voice introduced herself as Sister Sonia.

Sister Sonia…I am so looking forward to seeing you at our event on Sunday.

Me..What event would that be?

Sister Sonia. But you see mi dying trial. Sister Myrna hasn’t called you?


Sister Sonia…I had a feeling about this and that’s why I called you.

Sister Sonia then informed me I was listed on all the flyers as the M.C. and also as a featured performer/storyteller and she really hoped I could make it because it was the church’s first fundraiser and it had to work.

Well to make a long story short I agreed. I was hooked.  Her story made sense to me and she was real and I admired her chutzpah!

The day arrived…oh did I tell you I was also asked to sing and do a live auction and there were no auction items? And we raised good money at the event?

But that’s a story for another day…

Mout mek fi talk; story jump out!

A Jamaican saying..Our mouths always have a story

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