In Sandra Seh!

In order to get a visa to come to Canada, points were allocated to those speaking a 2nd language and I was no exception. Upon arrival for my interview with the officer, I was asked to provide lots of information. A bank account was needed which indicated you were a thrifty person (at least that’s what I thought); proof of a job, several references as to one’s character and reputation and numerous official documents.

I was set and visibly relaxed as I thought we were done. He had one more ace up his sleeve. Finally the visa officer asked if I spoke another language and I proudly answered mais oui. After all I had taken French in high school for 5 years. He asked me to read from a sheet of paper and I read and I sounded good. I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Then he said, “Please translate for me. Well that was when I knew I should have been paying more attention in class and I replied; did I tell you I only speak petit peu? (Only a little)

He gave me my points because as he told me he admired my chutzpah and he liked the fact I had tried and he knew French was indeed a difficult language. Then with a big smile he told me I would be getting my papers for Canada. My little story always reminded me of a mother cat who always told her kittens to stay close to her and not stray, as they should beware of the dog. But one of her adventurous brood didn’t always pay attention and soon a huge dog was attacking the kittens very loudly. Mother cat sprang into action and bellowed “Woof.Woof Woof and the dog scampered. Then she turned to her kittens and said, ”that is why it is always important to know a 2nd language, you never know when it will come in handy!” True words indeed.

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